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Testing Training

Build better software and boost career opportunities

26th February 2017
The Hanover Centre,
6th March 2017
Metrodeco Cafe,
Software testing courses
newsworthy software bugs

Build more reliable applications

Whether you test part-time, full time or looking for a new career as a software tester, SQA Skills covers training for all standards.

Lead trainer and BCS ISTQB certified instructor Richard Ede says... "I have dedicated my career helping teams build quality applications by teaching internationally recognised software testing practices."

We help testing professional of all experiences to fully prepare for the ISTQB Foundation, Agile and Test Management exams. 

Richard has over a decade of experience in software engineering, including quality assurance and development.

"We were provided with instant support starting from the first phone call, allowing complete flexibility on training schedule and location."

Richard has delivered software testing-related courses to over 1,000 satisfied students worldwide.

Call 07949 876400 or leave your number and Richard will call you back. Your number will not be used for cold calling.

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Some Clients

Courses covered

Courses covered

Richard is an experienced TAP qualified training instructor qualified to deliver certification and practical Software testing courses for both beginners and advanced.

 are you self studying for CERTIFICATION exams? No problem, join our live web-based exam preparation sessions.

BCS ISTQB Software Testing Foundation exam PREPARATION (3 Days)

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing. This includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.

first 14 days free, then £21 per month
BCS ISTQB Agile Extension (2 Days)

To be eligible to undertake the Agile Tester Foundation Extension certification exam, candidates must first hold the ISTQB® Foundation Certificate.

ISTQB Combined Software Testing Foundation and Agile Extension (5 Days)

This 5-day combined course provides comprehensive first-level training for anyone involved in software testing to gain a solid understanding of the basic concepts of software testing in both traditional and Agile environments.

first 30 days free, then £8 per month
BCS ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Certificate (5 Days)

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is the standard for international qualifications in software testing at an advanced level.

Usability TESTING (1 Day)

In this one-day course, students will learn how to represent an 'actors' perspective in the form of swim lanes, based on UML (Unified Modeling Language). The students build scenarios based on user actions. They will then be shown how to extrapolate the scenarios into use cases using Gherkin style format leading to creating test cases.

ISTQB LIVE Web Sessions (2hrs online)

Whether you're self studying or have already taken a course, this structured online exam preparation course will help.

A powerful 2 part webinar each running a 2 hour online exam orientated session.

PLEASE NOTE: This summarises key topics and does not cover full syllabus content in detail.


Richard Ede

Founder of SQA Skills Ltd
Richard has over 10 years experience in software testing training and consultancy. He is a training instructor and advisor to organisations in process improvement techniques (TPI) within the technology sector. During Richard's career, he has gained extensive knowledge of the BCS ISTQB syllabus.
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If you would like to join us to become an instructor, please feel free to contact us.

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Advantages of software testing

10 reasons Software Testing plays a vital roll in business

Below are 10 key reasons why businesses should take software testing seriously.

reduce liability

Mitigate potential financial, ecological or social liability. PROTECT your business against civil or criminal legal actions by getting your team skilled-up in best Software Testing practices.

Protect customer reputation

Whether systems are built for internal or external operation, users rightly expect them to work well every time. Software testing addresses the methods, tools and techniques in developing applications to satisfy these expectations.

Reduce development costs

By having software testing play a key roll in development will mean a significant increase in efficiencies and a reduction in poorly built applications.


Software testing is not just improving the reliability of an application. By considering the business needs throughout the development lifecycle helps to give companies a competitive advantage. 

Increased User confidence

Confidence and quality are very closely linked. From an end users perspective, If a system does what it should with ease and clarity, it will lead to increased customer satisfaction.

usability focused

Usability is an important type of acceptance testing. It considers the behaviour of an end user and their needs from an application. This approach helps guide developers to build what the user wants, rather then what they think they want.

safety critical systems

When developing safety critical systems, more formal approaches should be taken. Software testers ensure industry standard approaches are taken to ensure sufficient coverage is obtained to protect the system and its users.

increased Security

Software testing considers factors concerning unauthorised access to system data, such as obtaining personal details from a customer database. Security testing addresses these and other issues to ensure suitable measures are taken to protect applications from these vulnerabilities.

Customer satisfaction

Many applications have been known to make or break companies. Software testing can be a major contributor towards ensuring customers want to use, and continue to use systems of any type.

quality products

Risk plays a major roll in software testing. By identifying the impact and likelihood of a system failure will help direct testing effort, thus increase the overall product quality.

course pricing

Course Pricing

We have three course options.


Become a qualified tester! We run BCS ISTQB exam preparation courses for Foundation, Agile and Test Management.

ISTQB Foundation

This ISTQB Foundation level certification course covers the following high level learning objectives

Fundamentals of Testing

Testing throughout the Software Life Cycle

Static testing techniques

Test design techniques

Test management

Tool support for testing

5 Day Combined ISTQB Foundation & Agile Extension £985
2 Day ISTQB Agile Foundation Extension

This ISTQB Agile extension course can be combined with the foundation level certification making it a 5 day course. If run separately,then its a 2 day course. The following high level learning objectives are covered.

The Fundamentals of Agile Software Development

The different agile approaches

The Differences between Testing in Traditional and Agile Approaches

Testing in Agile Projects

Roles and skills of a tester in Agile Projects

Agile testing techniques and methods

Assess product quality risks within an Agile project

Estimate testing effort based on iteration content and quality risks

Tools in Agile Projects

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

The ISTQB Test Management certification course covers the following high level learning objectives;

Testing Process

Test Management


Defect Management

Improving the testing process

Test Tools & Automation

People skills

We come to you!

We have delivered many software testing certification courses at a customer site.

Please contact us for further details.

Delivered to a team of company testers at the convenience of their own choice location

ISTQB licensed course materials

Delivered by an experienced certified ISTQB trainer

Competitively priced

Live web sessions

Whether you're self studying or have already taken a course, this structured online exam preparation course will help.

A two part web-based session. Each running for 2 hours.

First session provides an overview of ISTQB Syllabus.

Second session goes through exam style questions

As its we-based, attend from anywhere

Competitively priced

Delivered by an experienced certified ISTQB trainer

TRaining venue


We run scheduled public courses at training venues in UK and Hong Kong. Onsite courses are often delivered at the convenience of our clients sites. Live web-based exam preparation courses are run online to help students study for the ISTQB certification exam.

UK Office

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Hong Kong OFFICE

Admiralty, Hong Kong Central, HK


2018 Booking

Make 2018 a great year for your testing career to rocket with SQA Skills.


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