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Shore Group Project

Richard Ede
May 16, 2020

Take a look at our form workflow automation solution for Shore Group.

Shore Group were wanting to have an automated form system with backend database link capabilities to their existing CRM. We have decided to build a form solution with a single field entry per page. This does away with potentially confusing cluttered screens and lends itself to clarity and easy of use.

There are several solutions to view the form;

  1. Embedded within a website
  2. Supplied as a pop-up, accessed through a button
  3. Supplied as a URL link

All three ways can be seen below;


Coming Soon


Coming soon

3: URL Link - coming soon


All submissions get fed directly to This is a good platform to access the database and in future be able to API feed this into the Shore Group chosen CRM system. A database has already been tested and setup to retrieve form entries and can be accessed only from approved email addresses by the chosen administrator of AirTable. To access the Shore Group form entries, go to ......coming soon.

E-MAIL notification

Everytime a new form has been submitted, an email is sent to a Shore Group representative telling them the name of the individual and their unique record ID. This is accompanied with a direct link to the AirTable Share Group data base table.

This is only a sample of what could be possible. We look forward to hearing about how you would like to scale this out for Shore Group.

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