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Shore Group

May 2020
Brighton, UK.
Our brief

The brief

Shore Group are requiring an automated client data retrieval system with backend database link capabilities to their existing CRM. We have decided to build a form solution with a single field entry per page. This does away with potentially confusing or cluttered screens, leading to clarity and ease of use.

There are several ways to view our solution. The first is as shown below, illustrating how it can be embedded within a website.

The second way to access the form is using a pop-up box from any website, as demonstrated through a button like this one.

The final way is through a customised URL link like the one supplied here. This link is for demo purposes only for now.


Behind the scenes

All submissions get fed directly to a service we've chosen called www.******.com. This is a good platform to access the database and, looking to future phases of the project, can potentially feed the data through API or using webhooks into Shore Group CRM systems. Such API links have yet to be configured.

A database has already been setup and tested to retrieve form entries and can be accessed only by approved users for security reasons. To access the Shore Group form entries, go to https://ShoreGroup/DB. Like before, notice how it is a customised domain to help with branding and shortening of URL links. This link is disabled for now until further discussions.

Every time a new form is submitted, an email is sent to a Shore Group representative telling them the name of the individual and their unique record ID. This is accompanied with a direct link to the table where the data is being held.

This is only a sample of what we can achieve. We look forward to hearing about how you would like to scale this out for Shore Group.

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Richard Ede

Founder of SQA Skills Ltd
Richard has over 10 years experience in software testing training and consultancy. He is a training instructor and advisor to organisations in process improvement techniques (TPI) within the technology sector. During Richard's career, he has gained extensive knowledge of the BCS ISTQB syllabus.
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UK Office

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Hong Kong OFFICE

Admiralty, Hong Kong Central, HK


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